My ears were blown by firecrackers and I can't hear what others are saying. What should I do?

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Fireworks and firecrackers are almost a necessity for the Spring Festival in the hearts of the people - how can the Spring Festival be called the Spring Festival without fireworks and firecrackers? Even today when the air quality is so worrying, there are still many people who hold this view.

My ears were blown by firecrackers and I can’t hear what others are saying. What should I do?

If the ear is damaged due to firecrackers and the ear is severely damaged, it may be caused by blast deafness. In order to determine the cause, it is best to go to a regular hospital for examination and targeted treatment. Blast deafness is also sensorineural deafness. There is no specific treatment method and it cannot be cured by the current medical level. Currently, it can only be done to prevent further hearing loss in the ears. Avoid noise stimulation, avoid the application of ototoxic drugs, and avoid colds. < /p>

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Ear explosion shock injuries should not be underestimated
After hearing after shock injury, hearing examination showed serious hearing disorders, and even hearing was completely lost. In mild cases, hearing can be partially restored, while in severe cases, permanent deafness can occur. Every Spring Festival, hospitals treat patients with blast deafness caused by accidentally setting off firecrackers. What they have in common is that they feel earache, hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness after setting off powerful firecrackers and fireworks.

How to prevent?
1. The only way to effectively prevent blast deafness is to set off as few or no firecrackers as possible during festivals.
2. Even when setting off firecrackers, precautions should be taken. When the firecrackers are about to explode, open your mouth wide and cover your ears with both hands or stuff cotton balls into both ears to prevent the sound from damaging the eardrums to the maximum extent.

3. Once an unexpected situation occurs, you should promptly go to the otolaryngology clinic of the hospital and receive symptomatic treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Although fireworks are beautiful, we must use them correctly. Set off firecrackers within restricted time and restricted areas, and secondly, try to choose low-power firecrackers produced by regular manufacturers. In particular, do not set off in residential areas with small distances between buildings and in relatively closed spaces such as corridors to avoid unnecessary harm to the elderly and infants. Since this group of people has poor tolerance and lacks awareness of self-prevention, it is easier to Due to the sudden sound of firecrackersCause hearing loss or induce other diseases.

It is best to stay away from such noisy environments in daily life. Once you are accidentally exposed to a noisy environment and experience symptoms such as hearing loss, dizziness, insomnia, loss of appetite, earache, tinnitus, and ear bleeding, you must seek medical advice first. It’s time to go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive ear, nose and throat examination to detect and intervene as early as possible!