Grandma’s ears don’t work, how can we communicate without any barriers?

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Hearing loss is a disability that is not visible on the surface and can only be detected through daily speech communication and other means. Many elderly people with hearing loss not only need care physically and physiologically, but also need comfort from their family members mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. Once people reach old age and have poor hearing and other physical diseases, their dependence on others will obviously increase. They need to have frequent cordial conversations, transfer information, and maintain friendships to prevent them from being isolated from society.

Grandma’s ears don’t work, how can we communicate without any barriers?

1. Try to speak to them at a normal volume. When speaking, be sure to slow down and speak clearly, and never shout loudly;
2. If you can’t hear clearly, you can change it to another one. Use a way of expression, or patiently explain to them;
3. When talking, you must have a friendly tone, face the light, and do not cover your mouth, so that the elderly can clearly see the changes in your lips when you speak.

In life, if an elderly person has symptoms of eating in his ears, he must be checked and his family must notify the hospital, because it may be other diseases that cause deafness or ear disease. Therefore, do not underestimate this disease. General ear diseases may cause life-threatening danger to the elderly.

The average person can be equipped with hearing aids. In the current market, there are many hearing aids at different price points, different types, and different functions, so we must choose the right one for the elderly. , you need to choose a suitable hearing aid, which can play a good role in daily life, make it much more convenient, and make communication much easier.

The elderly cannot hear, so they are more likely to suffer from presbycusis. Presbycusis is all sensorineural deafness, and the auditory center of elderly patients has degenerative changes, that is, patients It occurs that you can hear other people's speech, but cannot distinguish the content of other people's speech, that is, the resolution of language is reduced. The patient needs to go to the otolaryngology department for a pure tone audiometry test to confirm the diagnosis. According to the patient's hearing threshold, a hearing aid is fitted to improve the patient's hearing and improve the patient's resolution of sound.

Getting along and communicating with people with senile hearing loss may be more difficult than with people with hearing loss of other ages.As long as we pay more patience and love to the patients' families, through hearing aids and other assistive hearing devices, the elderly can overcome hearing impairment, and with everyone's help, they will have a healthy and happy old age.