My hearing recovered after sudden deafness, but my tinnitus persists. Do you take medicine for a long time?

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Sudden deafness is caused by staying up late for a long time, or it may be caused by colds and long-term noise. If the disease does not recover after treatment for a period of time, it should be caused by the nerve damage not being cured.

My hearing recovered after sudden deafness, but my tinnitus persists. Do you take medicine for a long time?

Sudden deafness, hearing recovery, but still tinnitus, is relatively common. Some patients with sudden deafness will have tinnitus that continues for a period of time after their hearing is restored.

Sudden deafness can cause unexplained tinnitus, which is related to viral infection and vasospasm. Most patients have upper respiratory tract infections before the onset, and sudden hearing loss. If it decreases, it will be accompanied by tinnitus. At this time, treatment should be given with vasodilators, such as compound salvia miltiorrhiza injection, intravenous dexamethasone, a hormone drug, and methylcobalamin, a neurotrophic drug. After patients have been actively treated for a period of time, they should undergo magnetic resonance imaging of the inner auditory canal to understand whether the disease has been completely cured. Of course, it is best to go to a regular hospital for specific treatment, so as to ensure stable treatment effects and avoid affecting your health.

Tinnitus is a common disease that is easy to recur and difficult to cure. The causes include cerumen embolism in the external auditory canal, foreign bodies in the external auditory canal, otitis media, otosclerosis, Meniere's disease, sudden deafness, noise-induced deafness, presbycusis, and acoustic neuroma. There are also systemic factors, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, autonomic nervous system disorders, mental stress and depression, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, cervical spondylosis, and jaw joint disorders, which can cause tinnitus.

The treatment of tinnitus should be based on the cause of the disease and combined with drug treatment. There are several small methods as follows:

1. Minimize wearing headphones and listen to the sound externally.

2. Avoid staying up late and avoid being tired.

3. Eat a low-salt diet and try to have a light and low-salt diet.

4. Use tinnitus masking treatment. For example, in the dead of night, the tinnitus will be more obvious and irritating. You can listen to soft light music

  5. With adsorption therapy, patients should try to actively contact the sounds of nature and strive to coexist with tinnitus. They can compare tinnitus sounds to sounds on the road, the noise of refrigerators, etc., and actively get used to living with it for a long time.