When listening to music on a mobile phone, is it better to use external amplifiers or headphones to protect hearing?

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Is it too boring to walk on the road alone? Put on your headphones, play some music and turn up the volume, the whole world is yours~ Be careful, your hearing may be slowly losing. Currently, about half of young people around the world listen to music at a volume higher than safe levels on mobile phones and other devices. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that hearing loss is often irreversible. When humans have sufficient technology and knowledge to protect hearing, many young people should not be allowed to suffer hearing loss just because of listening to music.

When listening to music on a mobile phone, is it better to use external speakers or headphones to protect hearing?

If it’s a music phone, it’s better to use headphones, as external speakers are better. Listening to music with headphones for a long time can cause eardrum injury, hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, etc.

How should you protect your ears when using headphones?

* Try to use headphones or ear-hook headphones
Headphones have high fidelity. Moreover, because it does not enter the ear when worn, the damage to the ear canal and eardrum is minimal. If you are not using headphones, please lower the volume slightly, pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the earplugs, and clean or replace the earplugs regularly.

* * The headphones purchased

The headphones are of good quality and have low noise. The volume can be controlled freely and flexibly. If the sound is too loud, it can be adjusted immediately.

* Control the use time

It is best not to exceed 30 minutes of continuous listening time with headphones. Take off the headphones to rest every 30 minutes to 1 hour, and do not use them for more than 3 hours a day.

* Control volume

It is best to control the volume of music at around 60 decibels, with a maximum of no more than 80 decibels. The intuitive approach is to listen to other people's words when listening to music, and don't raise the volume when going to noisy places.

* Clean your headphones regularly
  If the earphones are not cleaned for a long time, many bacteria will adhere to them. Generally, there is no abnormality, but the body's resistance is reduced, and these bacteria play an important role. Therefore, headphones cannot be used casually to avoid breeding more bacteria. In addition, the headphones should be cleaned regularly and disinfected with wet wipes or wiped with alcohol.

A previous "Headphone Quality Survey" showed that a survey of 3,826 college students in a certain university found that the usage rate of headphones among students was as high as 99.8%, and the number of people who had suffered from noise-induced hearing loss exceeded 1,000 people, accounting for nearly 30%.

The European Union has also issued a survey report stating that listening to music with headphones that exceeds 85 decibels for more than 30 minutes may cause temporary hearing loss. If you listen to music at a volume exceeding 89 decibels for up to an hour every day, you may suffer permanent hearing loss in 5 years.

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