How can hearing-impaired children better protect themselves?

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Parents and teachers often take good care of children with hearing loss. Some parents even have a debt mentality and dote on their children with hearing loss. However, it is very important for children with hearing loss to learn to protect themselves.

How can hearing-impaired children better protect themselves?

No matter which school, there will be such a group of "little bullies" (bad kids), some of them are good at studying and some are bad at studying. Those who are poor in studies are born with a sense of superiority. They like to bully those "soft persimmon" classmates, laugh at them, and make them unable to get off the stage. This is something we cannot change. It is only right to try our best to ensure that no one dares to bully our children. Approach.

1. Let love always accompany the child, respect him and understand him
Children’s childhood is beautiful, but children should also understand that respect is equally important. In social activities, we not only We must be sincere to our children and let them learn to respect each other. But in the end, there must be a bottom line.
The most fundamental method is to ensure that children grow up in a parent-child relationship full of love and respect, rather than in a family environment of violence and power control. Parents should not be accustomed to using power to force their children, let alone use "all-force" methods to stage family "horror movies", causing children to feel psychologically weak. So much so that they dare not resist this authority.

2. Let children express their wishes more
Especially hearing-impaired children are mostly introverted and not good at expressing in front of strangers, so others do what they want. Don’t resist or speak out about things you don’t like. We recommend that children be more involved in all matters big and small at home, and encourage them to speak out their thoughts and express their personal wishes. Deliberate suppression will only suppress thoughts and beliefs. It is easy for children who are bullied to become timid and cowardly.
Tong Yanwuji, you never know how many weird ideas are hidden in that little head, keep their creativity and innocence!

3. Let children integrate into their own circle of friends
In school, educate children to be gregarious, especially hearing-impaired children. It is not easy to have good friends. Once you have your own The circle of friends is enough to give you confidence. Therefore, you can cultivate your child's social skills from a young age. Even if you wear a cochlear or hearing aid, you can become a popular and respected person.

4. Try to learn to "quarrel"
"Quarrel" does not mean hitting someone, let alone swearing. The "quarrel" here is in double quotes, which is a kind of Ways and means to solve or avoid problems.
When you are verbally attacked or ridiculed, reply confidently: "So what!" (If you have difficulty rebutting verbally, just reply like thisJust one sentence is enough) and then walk away behind the other party, which is more aura than turning around and walking away without saying a word; for quarrels in elementary school, you basically only need to calm the other party in terms of momentum, such as "Why do you Hit someone?" "Hitting someone is wrong!" "Do you think you are the best? No!" As long as the other party thinks about these problems, he will be distracted and his brain will freeze, so he will be "confused" and his momentum will be instantaneous. Half of it is gone.

5. Always be your child’s strong backing

If a child’s toys are taken away, or he is hit a few times, or his cochlea or hearing aid is pulled, it is not because he has no Instead, I met the "little bully". Let your children know that they can ask their parents for help at any time if they have difficulties. If you are bullied, you must protect your children and take the initiative not to leave in a calm manner. In this way, the children will feel that their parents cannot protect them, and they will be reluctant to speak out when they are bullied more in the future.

6. Hone high IQ from "injustice"
There will always be a few annoying children in the real society. For children with cochlea or Hearing Aids, we should not be a vulnerable group. You should be respected like other students, but reality will always slap you in the face, and the junior high school stage is the most difficult. Children in this period are between understanding and not understanding. It is the most complex period of adolescence, and it is also the period of personality formation. Their mental development is immature.

A child's hearing condition plays a vital role in physical health. Once hearing loss occurs, it will trouble the child's normal life and may also affect the child's mental health. Parents must help their children develop good living habits in their daily lives, and they must properly protect their ears and avoid contact with all adverse factors that may cause damage to their ears. If it is found that a child has hearing loss, timely examination is also required to avoid missing the best treatment period for the disease.