I'm sorry, what should I do if my ears can't hear well?

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Hearing is very important for everyone. Having good hearing can bring great convenience to life, work and study. However, many friends in life are troubled by hearing problems.

Sorry, what should I do if my ears can’t hear well?

It is recommended to go to the otology department of the hospital for a specialist examination to find out the cause of hearing loss. There are many causes of hearing loss. It can be caused by sound transmission barriers in the outer and middle ears, or it can be caused by sound sensor barriers in the inner ear. External and middle ear diseases include cerumen embolism, auditory atresia, otitis media, ossicular chain interruption, etc. These problems may be solved through simple treatment and surgery; and diseases involving the inner ear or nerves: if it is sudden deafness, timely Treatment in the hospital may be possible, but most sensorineural deafness, such as presbycusis, drug-induced hearing loss, and noise-blast hearing loss, are generally difficult to improve hearing through medication, and most use artificial Hearing Aids.

According to scientific research, hearing-impaired elderly people have poorer thinking and memory than those with normal hearing. With hearing loss, the brain receives less stimulation from sounds and needs to consume more energy to process sounds, thus sacrificing some of the energy originally used to process memory and thinking. In the long run, it will lead to a decline in thinking and memory in the elderly. Therefore, the elderly may have communication difficulties and reduced communication in their daily lives. Over time, the elderly lose interest in socializing, gradually isolate themselves from the outside world, and become taciturn and have low self-esteem. The elderly have poor hearing, and not wearing hearing aids seriously affects their mental health.

A happy mood also plays a great role in protecting hearing, because negative emotions will affect the normal metabolism of the human body, causing the autonomic nerves in the body to lose their normal function. Regulatory function may induce adverse symptoms such as ischemia, edema, and hearing impairment in the inner ear organs. Therefore, in order to protect hearing, it is very necessary to maintain a happy mood.

For some friends, they always like to wear earphones. This is an extremely unhealthy ear-using habit. Regular wearing of earphones is particularly harmful to hearing damage. Large, easy to cause hearing loss. Some friends habitually use ear picks and matchsticks to dig into their ears, which can easily damage the ear canal, cause infection, inflammation, growth, and possibly damage to the eardrum. Therefore, if you want to improve your listening, you must avoid these undesirableGood and bad habits.

Poor hearing is related to many daily habits. If you want to restore your hearing and protect your hearing, you must develop good ear-using habits and ear-protecting habits. Put an end to those bad habits that can easily cause hearing loss, avoid causing damage to the ears, and pay attention to protecting the ears, so as to better improve hearing.