I have a constant buzzing in my ears, sometimes like a siren. Is it ringing in the brain or tinnitus?

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Tinnitus and brain tinnitus have similar symptoms, but the definitions are completely different. Tinnitus is not brain tinnitus, and the pathogenesis of the two is very different. The former is mostly caused by aortic sclerosis, and the latter is mostly caused by brain lesions. The treatment methods for tinnitus and brain tinnitus are also different, and they all prescribe the right medicine according to the cause.

My ears keep buzzing, sometimes like a siren. Is it ringing in the brain or tinnitus?

This situation is generally seen in tinnitus. Tinnitus is generally caused by kidney deficiency, neurological tinnitus, insufficient blood supply to the brain, ear diseases, etc. You can go to the ENT department of the hospital for an ear examination to see if there are any abnormal diseases. If the ears are normal, you can also go to the traditional Chinese medicine department for syndrome differentiation to see if there are diseases such as kidney deficiency. The cause can be clarified before treatment. Pay attention to rest and avoid fatigue. , don’t stay up late, and be careful to avoid noise stimulation.

Tinnitus is mostly caused by noise and can be intermittent or continuous. Nervous tinnitus is generally a continuous long sound, such as the sound of cicadas, running water, wind, machinery, etc. Pulsatile tinnitus may sound like waves, or may sound like a beating pulse, with regularity. Tinnitus in most people is caused by ear disease or other diseases. For example, it is often related to tympanic membrane defects caused by high blood pressure, neurasthenia or drug poisoning, or loud sound vibrations.

Brain ringing often coexists with tinnitus, or it can occur alone. There are more elderly people, more women than men, ranging from 40 to 70 years old. Ringing in the brain is a sound in the head, sometimes like cicadas, sometimes like a whistle, which can sound non-stop, and sometimes can be persistent, which makes people irritable and unbearable. It is often accompanied by tinnitus, soreness of waist and knees, dizziness, and also It may be accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness and memory loss, which may affect sleep, life, work, etc.

People nowadays often stay up late, have high work pressure, are often in a state of high tension and anxiety, and have irregular diets. It may cause tinnitus. There is always buzzing, chirping of birds, insects, etc., which is constantly ringing, affecting sleep, and making you feel restless. In this case, we often think of tinnitus, so we go directly to a doctor to treat tinnitus. The existence of tinnitus in the brain is often ignored.

Whether tinnitus or cerebral tinnitus will bring troubles to patients, it must occur and be treated as soon as possible. Exercise regularly to promote blood circulation. Eat foods that can promote blood circulation, such as black fungus., leeks, red wine, rice wine, etc. Eat more foods containing zinc and iron, such as fish, beef, chicken, eggs, various seafood, apples, oranges, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, soy products, etc. This can ensure adequate nutrition and blood circulation in the ears and delay the occurrence of tinnitus.