My hearing is very poor, why can’t I understand what I’m hearing?

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Many people become deaf and dazzled as they get older. To most people, this seems like a normal aging process. But these are also preventable and avoidable. Although the incidence of hearing loss is higher among the elderly, it also seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly.

My hearing is very poor, why can’t I understand my hearing?

Human hearing includes two stages: hearing (perception) and hearing (understanding). Hearing is a physiological function of the auditory system, while hearing clearly is a high-level function, including auditory recognition, auditory memory, auditory understanding, etc. As long as there is a sound signal transmitted to the hearing center, we "hear"; but to hear clearly, we must also have auditory discrimination ability. Therefore, if you can hear clearly, you must have heard it, but if you hear it, you may not hear it clearly.

Hearing loss in most elderly people is a natural result of aging. According to 2018 world health data, about one-third of elderly people over 65 years old have moderate or above moderate hearing loss. Our country is entering a period of population aging. The current surge in the aging population has led to an increase in the number of age-related hearing loss year by year.

The Lancet Research Committee stated: Untreated hearing loss is the largest single risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, accounting for one-fifth of the total risk. The use of hearing aids can reduce the additional risk caused by hearing loss. Therefore, the Lancet Commission encourages people with hearing loss to use hearing aids and to protect their hearing from excessive noise exposure to reduce the prevalence of hearing loss.

Among the elderly, the incidence of hearing loss is higher, but this also seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly. Therefore, we should first find out the reasons and then prevent them. If necessary, please go to a hospital or a professional hearing aid fitting center to have your hearing tested.

There are many reasons for hearing loss. Common ones are as follows. You can check yourself for these conditions:
①. Problems with the ear canal: such as cerumen embolism (earwax blockage), Frequent picking of ears has caused ear canal diseases such as myringitis and otitis media, which were not properly treated.
②. Caused by other diseases: High fever, encephalitis, etc. can also cause hearing loss. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (such as high blood pressure) may also cause tinnitus and hearing loss.
  ③. Drug-induced: Taking ototoxic drugs (such as chloramphenicol, aspirin, etc.), causing hearing damage.

④ Caused by noise: Being in a noisy environment for a long time, or wearing headphones with the volume turned up for a long time, will unknowingly damage hearing.

⑤ Physical and mental fatigue: Staying up late, not getting enough rest, and being stressed can easily lead to inattention, tinnitus, and hearing loss.

⑥ Excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption: Excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption will have adverse effects on various organs and nerves of the body, including direct and indirect damage to the auditory nerve.

⑦. Increasing age: Physical functions will decline with age. Some people begin to lose hearing after the age of 45.

The most appropriate response is to promptly configure a suitable hearing aid. Although it cannot cure presbycusis, it can improve the hearing of the elderly and prevent the worsening of hearing impairment. is the most effective. Experts remind that elderly people with hearing loss should wear hearing aids as early as possible, and do not let the elderly wait until they sound very strenuous. Because the more severe the hearing loss, the greater the compensation. If you wear a hearing aid when your hearing is very poor, the effect will be greatly reduced.

Hearing disability seriously affects the physical and mental health of the elderly. It not only directly leads to communication barriers, but also causes a variety of psychological problems, which greatly damages the quality of life of the elderly. and family and social functions. Therefore, it is of great significance to do a good job in hearing health care for the elderly.