What should I do if my ears can’t hear clearly? Sometimes I can’t hear?

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The ear is a very important organ in our body. Through the ear, we can hear the sounds of things, which allows us to understand the world more clearly.

My ears can’t hear clearly. What should I do if I can’t hear sometimes?

When you are unable to hear, you need to check first. It is recommended to go to an otolaryngology department for further examination under the guidance of a doctor, because many diseases can cause hearing loss, inability to hear, etc. For example, otitis media and otitis externa may lead to hearing loss. Only after the cause is identified can symptomatic treatment be achieved. If it is slow, go to a hearing aid fitting institution to have your hearing tested to see if you need a hearing aid.

If you can’t hear suddenly, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. After examination, the most common thing is sudden deafness, which is the ear Sudden hearing loss within 72 hours is a disease of the inner ear. The diagnosis can be confirmed through otolaryngology examination and hearing examination, and treatment should be carried out as soon as possible, such as hormonal treatment, microcirculatory drugs and neurotrophic drugs, as well as treatment with hyperbaric oxygen. Most people's hearing can be improved quickly. be improved or cured. There are also some people who have been unable to hear for a long time. In this case, they need to go to the hospital for examination. If it is due to external or middle ear diseases, inflammation, treatment or surgery, some people's hearing can still be cured. However, if it is presbycusis, drug-induced deafness, or long-term neurological deafness, it can also be treated with Hearing Aids or cochlear implants.

Difficulty hearing in the ears should be treated according to the cause, as follows:
1. The most common cause of the external ear is cerumen embolism, which is the cerumen secreted by the ear. The ear was not cleaned in time, thus blocking the external auditory canal. At this time, cerumen embolism needs to be removed to improve hearing;
2. Hearing impairment caused by middle ear causes should be treated in the middle ear. Patients with inflammation should receive anti-inflammatory treatment. Patients with tympanic membrane perforation should undergo surgery if necessary. Repair the tympanic membrane;

3. Hearing loss due to inner ear reasons, clinically common senile sensorineural deafness, may require improvement of microcirculation or even thrombolytic treatment.

Therefore, when hearing impairment or loss occurs, it is recommended that patientsGo to the hospital and the doctor will conduct a detailed examination to understand the cause of hearing loss and provide different treatments.

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